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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,701 – Dec 26 2018

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Clues Answers
Arsenal may display these tight turns GUNS
Check on Saturday’s clothing arrangement SYSTEM
Country Britain governed that is overthrown BRUNEI
County towns content to leave drinks CLARETS
Drink abroad and get out lots of drink for game VINGTETUN
English and Scots off target, mostly low score EAGLE
Flyer nearly cheeks fool SEAGULL
Former backs and the like ETAL
Frankly, nothing stops Com-munist guerrillas with China VOCALLY
Interpretative psychologist’s opening up Electra complex PERCEPTUAL
Kane, perhaps on the left, is encouraged SPURRED
Learner’s cracking debut fit for top clubs PREMIERLEAGUE
Lofted ball in, after header from Chelsea CHIP
Looking annoyed, wanting power trip OUTING
Men score, cutting through Harlequins’ sides, or Wasps HORNETS
New trio with Man United’s legendary menace MINOTAUR
Notice reporter half-cut before his boss retired ADJOURNED
One hoarding shows enchanting fellow clothing Greek character MAGPIE
Pack, card player works out, lacking spades WOLVES
Playmaker with affliction in hip IBSEN
Row about blunder, one foxes may avoid? TERRIER
Ruddy track by female pop star CHERRY
Ruler knocked back a drink with a poor player MAHARAJA
Solution’s to keep City back, the French learn here LYCEES
Team — this one’s left in small pieces? ELEVENTHS
The powerful old girl working with cash OLIGARCHS
The virtuous aren’t found in police force SAINTS
Train in a ground after game in a fantastic country RURITANIAN
Unrestrained woman, one who’s finished losing heart GOER