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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,703 – Dec 28 2018

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Clues Answers
‘E’s upset about current criticism (one of a generation that’s easily offended) SNOWFLAKE
Bluff a national treasure? CLIFF
Bungling Italy on three points INEPT
Carrying drugs, must stop boat HEAVETO
Choice woman’s finally made to leave? Hear it’s fallacious SOPHISTRY
Close to broke in most of country __ no alternative to Tory policy? AUSTERITY
Course favourite gets special welcome REDCARPET
Doris’s entertaining fellow when things go wrong OFFDAY
Energy drink a bit special is inside talk GOSSIP
Engaged Asian picked up at party TIEDUP
Got near the solution to this, but not overly impressive NOGREAT
Hearts lost twice __ that coach’s messed up direction to players STACCATO
Historian set out for Chinese region MACAU
Invest in road building ORDAIN
Join in with degree course, initially APPEND
Matter of disrespect RES
Mike’s a different bloke after love letter OMICRON
Nancy’s a fool getting man to strip UNCLOTHE
New guy starts to renegotiate cheap fee for each writer GEOFFREY
One piece of writing in leaflet is less convincing FLIMSIER
Open jar at lunch UNLATCH
Order given to ignore boner under newspaper __ a dreadful rule! REIGNOFTERROR
Priest’s among non-believers ELI
Prints articles initially in the City ETCHINGS
Seductresses help removing our uniform __ twice SUCCUBI
Son went on Big Dipper in these? SPEEDOS
Tap on counter __ a quarter admitted it’s annoying BUGBEAR
Tea next to instant coffee MOCHA
Water right for fellow in one ship IRRIGATE