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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,705 – Dec 31 2018

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Clues Answers
3.14 + 1 + 2.72, right? Initially simple for leaders PIONEERS
A vital translation by North European LATVIAN
Before overnight vacation, do I bring fancy footwear? RIDINGBOOT
Cave dweller to try lodge for a change TROGLODYTE
Company board retains maiden over her elevated understanding COMPREHENSION
Display team seen at Old Trafford? REDDEVILS
Dog or blackbird? BEAGLE
Earth, to make great again, improve atmosphere for starters GAIA
Envoy has trouble with green movement MESSENGER
Flower area’s dry, turning to stone ROSETTA
Foreign items and old books need art venue EXOTICA
Get extremely dizzy and nervous WINDY
Goa’s very annoyed with travellers VOYAGERS
Guardian’s refined sugar ARGUS
Japanese game is uplifting when astride pig SHOGI
Key journalist walked in ENTERED
Love’s fashionable, hiding nothing to wear EROSION
Mama from 1960s at home with Italian astronomer CASSINI
Marched about, delighted CHARMED
Origins of temperature in great balls of fire STARTS
Salesman: 50% off ribs and salads, plus special paybacks REPRISALS
Salt and pepper ultimately remain to be shaken MARINER
Scandinavian against topless skiing? Outrageous! VIKING
Shabby coat? Try new shape OCTAGON
Singers in Spain or otherwise SOPRANINI
Standard performance ROUTINE
Sun god, he’s over 510 HELIOS
They ask, are you acquainted with God’s wife? JUNO
Time to kidnap emperor? TEMPO