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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,708 – January 3 2019

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Clues Answers
Animation features design of green and yellow, initially ENERGY
Bishop always has time for a drink BEVERAGE
Computer giant hosting an American gets general approbation APPLAUSE
Convey old Bob’s demise SEND
Courageous chap embracing sovereign BOLD
Enthusiast protects weak young animal FAWN
Father takes advantage of breaks PAUSES
Fathom the meaning of last month’s poem DECODE
Former site of a trade fair EXPOSITION
Frenchmen, capturing a wild beast, showing bottle MAGNUM
Going round to corrupt a politician ROTATORY
Gracious girl coming out and being broadcast DEBONAIR
Inspiration from touching in jacuzzi BREATH
Irritable, having no more classes OUTOFSORTS
Leave note without regrets? That’s horrible! GRUESOME
Length of time in the middle CENTIMETRE
Man gets bounty for old insurgent HEREWARD
More than one comrade touring Lima, an old city PLURAL
One checking a canopy TESTER
Pam ceded building and made off DECAMPED
Patrol leader engulfed by storms in cataract RAPIDS
Shortage of spun thread DEARTH
Tense when in charge for function FETE
Teresa treated sharp edges ARETES
Time for skip to be transported SPELLBOUND
Wipe out an extensive area MASSACRE
Worries about second stroke CARESS
Writer entertains holy man in cafe BISTRO