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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,711 – January 7 2019

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Clues Answers
A clever sort of angle ACUTE
Agile agent crossing river SPRY
Be very annoyed, getting oneself distressed? TEARONESHAIROUT
Book’s bulk VOLUME
Christmas now? PRESENTDAY
Colour ranges for new carpets SPECTRA
Give birth to animal BEAR
He wrote in Tamil? Never MILNE
Hurry __ I’ve nothing to eat FASTER
Join together in fine employment FUSE
Leaving, having finished with hurt feelings OFFENDED
Nervous, swallowing wrong drink SHERRY
On the surface, it’s no way to proceed AIRTRAVEL
One may be up for a shower UMBRELLA
Riddle one’s spun the previous day SIEVE
Smart place to recycle __ this? SCRAPMETAL
So Violet ordered a heater OILSTOVE
Soft soap is smoother FLATTER
Something to eat in the Tube MACARONI
Sort of jelly prepared in our temple PETROLEUM
Sort of stockings an old trout could get into? FISHNET
Splendour of remarkable result LUSTRE
State parting two friends to a significant degree MATERIALLY
These days, answer to no lord COMMONERA
To some extent very large and sunny SOLAR
Touching a bottom AGROUND
Unwanted plant went WEED
Very unlikely to be imported from across the world FARFETCHED
Walked out of game? In the US that would be bizarre LEFTFIELD