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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,712 – January 8 2019

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Clues Answers
Acting, but troubled inside and lacking confidence DOUBTING
Advice from Clarke-supporting Remainers? Listen! HEARKEN
American associated with Wells, artist getting in a mess FARRAGO
As rude word, not entirely pleasant ARSENIC
Aussie to get hold of Yorkshireman? TYKE
Believer gives Zola greeting on street BUDDHIST
Call off time going up biblical mount TABOR
Cars disturbing our rest TOURERS
Daughter revered by Shiites, one cuddled by big mummy FATIMA
Displaced natives, aggressive people after next to no time MOHAWKS
Elephant maybe taking short step before my herd goes berserk PACHYDERM
Foremost of pupils in an exam must be this? APTEST
Good person coming in took control and made a bit of a noise RUSTLED
Having the means to exclude light, say, in hut SHUTTERED
Lorna’s piece of information to make a personal contribution DOONESBIT
Made tough resolution to cross river ENURED
Norse explorer doing nothing, funny fellow ERIC
Northern town’s boozer by a street of houses BARROW
On returning, a husband, say, is caught entertaining woman GEISHA
One composer surprisingly able, another satisfactory BELABARTOK
Place of darkness? You wait ages ____ turns up! EREBUS
Plant lad yanked out NAKEDLADY
Pretty environment for a namby-pamby set of paintings, maybe in four sections QUADRIPARTITE
Probe filthy place occupied by tenant? STYLET
See 15 IDLE
Top lady abandoning dog in German city TRIER
Trial being heard — man presiding at it? PILATE
Welcomer has installed superior musical device for visitor HOUSEGUEST
What it may be for a hungry bird? GRUB