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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,714 – January 10 2019

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Clues Answers
20, smarter one’s skedaddled NATTER
Avoiding military police in breaking jail JUMPING
Bemoan king imprisoned by soldier and never discovered? GRIEVE
Can’t stay alive without oxygen, whatever the damage ATANYCOST
Constable possibly tailing Tory fraudster? CONARTIST
Current strength for each time period, starting with a month AMPERAGE
Delight in French refrain ENCHANT
Extremely granular cereal used for bread at one time GROATS
Face rival, having to give in VISAGE
Fish from river in dispute SPRAT
Harry’s inherently appealing PERSECUTE
Insect ingested by supremely reckless antelope WILDEBEEST
Joe Bloggs’s name very peculiar EVERYMAN
Last couple of people supporting expensive addition to church? STEEPLE
Maidens during church trip putting on airs MINCE
Musical measure for feet and arms? SWORDDANCE
Orator’s backing cardinal FOUR
Refuse burden LUMBER
Rule out elevated part for poor player RABBIT
Signs of corruption due to misplaced zeal in home counties SLEAZE
Six others primarily behind abuse VIOLATE
Sound control evident as forceful goddess ran into HM POTENTIOMETER
Standard sailor suit has one JACK
Stomach-related wind illusory, so they say GASTRIC
Strange case of eccentric Scot due to inherit SUCCEEDTO
Utter scoundrels in the ascendant, second-raters excepted ALLSTAR
Wellington also bowled over BOOT
Withdrawal of record possible? No way NOPE
Youngster looking flushed mounted steps LADDER