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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,717 – January 14 2019

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Clues Answers
8 in lively dance CANCAN
A ruling in hearing is bringing accusation ARRAIGNING
Again connect the cart and a convertible thus REATTACH
Capital family possesses invested in South Africa KINSHASA
Damage sign in grass MARRAM
Express disapproval over what splits TV dancer’s costume TUTU
Feature of stern father is bottling up love POOP
Give a hand to musician taking a bow — no ‘bravo’ at first ASSIST
Highlight popular young hero TINTIN
How rifles may be carried by soldiers not wanted in retreat PORTED
It monitors movement of liquid resources we had over one period and most of another WATERMETER
It takes the lead as French land on time TERRET
It’s clear a band used awfully elaborate lighting fixtures CANDELABRA
It’s spotted in exotic cacti, north of a lake in South America TITICACA
Its players react competitively after every match SNAP
King and queen, perhaps, reversed course of action TACK
May, in past, by taking British out, showing strength MIGHTY
Multinational organisation exists, working for total agreement UNISON
Narrow window for research publication LANCET
No opponent has drink minutes before end of game TEAMMATE
One dreadful scene eclipses another in process of aging SENESCENCE
One name of prophet, as I repeatedly recollected ISAIAS
Placates wild animals, feeding them vegetables APPEASES
Reason, for example, money’s held back therein SANITY
Recruits demolished Sing Sing SIGNINGS
Two talk wildly about one measure for power KILOWATT
Understandings seen as target, using visual aids INSIGHTS
What’s used to pay twice for dental coverage? TARTAR