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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,725 – January 23 2019

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Clues Answers
Apple’s sold by them GROCERS
Big beast with Paddington, say, for a Londoner BISON
City devastated by a current CANTERBURY
Cold in prison CAGED
Communist papers prepared again REDID
Cut any tax, attack the reds without borders and without strings UNATTACHED
Easy to clean hospital __ used to be adept about it WASHABLE
Green skirt oddly removed at second attempt RESIT
Grim and unpleasant leer interrupts game CHEERLESS
Group shelled prawns CAMP
In the kitchen with Spooner’s stalker? FRYINGPAN
Kind of warrant restraining Simpson in conflict TROJANWAR
Large size of honour bestowed on Manchester, say? OBESITY
Long in 12 ACHE
Once confined, breathe one’s last inside __ it’s practical EXPEDIENT
Open sandwich he threw out in crisis (4,3,5,3,4) WHEN
Passage from Goethe really out of this world ETHEREAL
Perfect example of endlessly tepid and selfish dedication EPITOME
Procurer dropping the French spot PIMP
Put on hold dispatch about distinguishing brand feature SUSPEND
Racket involving completely empty glass houses DWELLINGS
Revelation from a policeman must turn up before evidence ultimately plays out APOCALYPSE
See 22 NOIR
Spike Milligan ultimately following God THORN
Spirit elements FIREWATER
Stick round teens? It may be optimistic ROSETINTED
The way Helen leaves Ovid hero (4,4,5,2,4) HEAD
Wine for one into porn, perhaps PINOT