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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,732 – January 31 2019

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Clues Answers
… as these may do in next series SECONDSTRING
Alert teacher at Eton to truanting SIREN
Animal droppings Bill steps in GUANACO
Apply initially after exercise, right, to stop soreness APPERTAIN
Bishop admitting moon I caught on film BIOPIC
Day I flipped over love letters IOTAS
Deep trouble on the way? POTHOLE
Dismissing driver’s warning, soon fit in BELONG
Emptied pot over me in a rage __ it smells horrible! PTOMAINE
Fight with male judges and don’t get picked to perform … WARMTHEBENCH
Forced development here hurt both earl and duke HOTBED
Join German in pool MERGE
Letter penned by Thatcher (not the heartless, batty old ruler) HEPTARCH
Loud sound from bottom __ what was offensive about it? TRUMPET
Many bones broken? Definitely not BYNOMEANS
Mob beginning to riot __ not much cover outside THRONG
Natural sprinters … like Johnson and Gatlin, say? CHEETAHS
New setter looks embarrassed about being passed over IGNORED
Nick’s traditional enemies bother showing up to do the job CUTTHEMUSTARD
Pat halted orgy, in order to ____ ? PLAYHARDTOGET
Posh occasionally: ‘I’m last to perform for David?’ PSALMIST
Setting by design hits snag STASHING
Sheep in main road is right little madam ARGALI
Ship and train __ he fiddled both in short SCHOONER
Spin result, maybe cutting advantage HEADSTART
Three men hold back Arab leader EMEER
Tramp’s unlikely to step on it LOOKSMART
Was mother honest about Oscar and daughter? POURED