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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,733 – February 1 2019

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Clues Answers
A comedown for transport chief admitting rudeness HELIPAD
American ice hockey player, male perhaps, keeping a lot out? GOALTENDER
Articulate call for work in a bakery? KNEAD
Big jar, by the sound of it? GREAT
Black mini’s heading off INKY
Buzzer, physician buzzing? DRONE
Equipment maker extra­ordinary — sign of quality KITE
Halfwit ordered tea, forgetting a coffee FLATWHITE
Knockout award in return for work on computer? EBOOK
Legendary royal butt raised in support of performance by Callas, say? ARIADNE
Loose packaging is heading for bin, item flatly thrown away? FRISBEE
Mission in Indo-Malaysian uprising ALAMO
One acting to restrain prisoner at first, someone administering drug DOPER
One with skis shuffling elbows in to nick second SNOWMOBILE
One’s time is up: with cross to bear, European Community functioning EXCON
Ordinary smell with cylindrical container HUMDRUM
Painter really missing friend, kind to replace one in Monet? REMBRANDT
Panicky, as windows wound down in the carwash? INALATHER
Rider went, doing a backflip, one that’s out of this world DEEPSPACE
Ring in year hugging umpteen lasses, initially ANNULUS
Same couple hiding imperfection with short name IDENTICAL
See 5 WEAR
See 6 MARK
Set to trap Lancashire opener, old spinner a long way off? PLUTO
Sign up Republican in party under Ford in the ’70s? CAPRICORN
Stinker with flipping hard heart in journo SULPHUR
Though sporting wager fails, it’s smart EVENING
Time to accept motorbike is right for children? EDUCATION
Toy club for country park? DOLLYWOOD
Trill around wood in the Land of Nod? SLUMBERING
Trump’s extremely furious with free side of Europe REALMADRID
Try to bury first of remarks that was hurtful, wit long gone GROUCHO