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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,741 – February 11 2019

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Clues Answers
Asymmetrical sides of eager cook’s equipment SKEWER
Calm child going first for church service EVENSONG
Coarse knitting stitch used by a beginner finally unravelled RIBALD
Crumpled antique impounded by US agent FOLDED
Find fault with small, not medium, snacks PANINI
Game played from scratch SCRABBLE
Good money for registered nurse? LEGALTENDER
Hair arrangement hiding large lump BLOB
Insect moving north-east HORNET
Jacket worn for smoking? REEFER
Lecter or one of his ilk exchanging drugs HANNIBAL
License crazy Republican to manufacture device for a gun SILENCER
Lots of money given to fools MASSES
Natural ability shown by experimental entertainer TALENT
Part of store rebuilt outside centre of Lincoln SECTOR
Roosters standing on large unoccupied farm building STABLE
Sketches of Dutch boats DRAFTS
Small pub organised fine party SINNFEIN
Space to accommodate host in Notting Hill, say ROMCOM
Steers clear of second drama queen turning up to accept Oscar AVOIDS
Stripe essential to shade of garment TABARD
Style of space outside city ELAN
Time to stockpile drug before trading price leads to fall in value DEPRECIATE
Two reps had relaxed, following introduction to Scottish union official SHOPSTEWARD
Went for alternative date to bury change of direction ATTACKED
Woman hoarding gold wrote badly in place of academic IVORYTOWER