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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,745 – February 15 2019

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Clues Answers
A grateful man rescued by twerp? ASHES
Area where a team drops back ACRE
Card game somewhat spirited? RUMMY
Change address, did you say? SHIFT
Channel screening home of everyday country folk, possibly Washington-backed, a concern managing data? CAMBRIDGE
Communist city of old stifling sound of disapproval TROTSKY
Defined by ‘flipping raucous sort’, a black bird ALBATROSS
Dye retains fluid STAINER
Extra covering good on bird WIDGEON
Fibre in unopened drawer RAYON
Gathering chap raised in US state, address found online DOMAINNAME
Indeed a cold person CHARACTER
Is an intruder out? Lock chains! TRESPASSES
Maths centre relocated from the UK, IT gone LEFTBRAIN
Mount Rushmore’s peak gone down the tube? HORSE
Not too serious … then birdie perhaps unlikely to swallow last of poison? PARDONABLE
Noted art critic ignorant, some unique Mondrians originally rejected MUSIC
One caught in blast, air exploding? TAPDANCER
One perhaps dressed up a part for song BARCAROLE
Pull up briefly before a portico STOA
Pulse brisk ultimately in one obsessed with material gain? MONKEYNUT
Realm of old leader in general­issimo drastically knocked over TSARDOM
Reportedly path allowed, part going underground ROOTLET
Second bottles always for sauce MAYO
State that was under my command? IRAN
Stone precious metal eroded AGATE
Stop before opening PREVENT
Up before cockcrow, toiling starts ERECT
Using bathroom product, soap on him foaming and popping at last shampooing
Why North-South divide not entirely inspiring Holyhead WHATFOR
With roof of gold, a blue chapel ORATORY