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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,768 – March 14 2019

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Clues Answers
Bather unexpectedly catching cold is a sign of cancer THECRAB
Biannual event is mostly horse and bull EQUINOX
Call that’s mostly fraudulent PHONE
Cancellation period definite ERASURE
Capturing part of the city TURIN
Delighted with next July: it’s pants without clothes! EXULTANT
Derelict and remote cathedral NOTREDAME
Finally, Dilys and Victor in a bed, cavorting __ perhaps they’ll be given a last-minute reprieve SAVEDBYTHEBELL
Finally, mountain climb is beginning NASCENT
Grants immunity to plotter, primarily involved in Semtex explosion EXEMPTS
Guest argues regularly as a matter of habit USAGE
In dunce’s cap, a delinquent frolic ESCAPADE
Nice expensive copy inside __ not so expensive CHEAPER
Pledges to serve cereal in hospital? On the contrary! OATHS
Polar feature (and creature) in present incumbent OFFICEBEARER
Premium oil mixed in this? AIOLI
Sally sitting around, motionless STAYINGSTILL
Should one engage with errand to attend literacy class? NONREADER
Sleeping on the streets in support of aristocrat OUTFORTHECOUNT
Somehow prove it hurts the Queen to conquer OVERPOWER
Spongy clue for boars? ABSORBENT
St Stephen’s lower, discarded greeting BOXINGDAY
The curtain rising over a lull in hostilities TRUCE
Thrice adrift? LOSTATSEA
Where flies are unfair BELOW
Worm’s bit of good luck FLUKE
Young female or male caught up in tangled web (3.4) EWELAMB