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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,771 – March 18 2019

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Clues Answers
A lot of money? Splendid! GRAND
A single thing, or a couple ITEM
Approximate area of golf course ROUGH
Beetle, for example, not in special group SECT
Being prepared to receive cash thus in payment? INHAND
Bloomer that may come to ruin game GERANIUM
British city shows effect of cuts BLEEDS
Clever idea asthmatic has WHEEZE
Entering the marathon, but not for a while INTHELONGRUN
Foreknowledge of screen epic to be redistributed PRESCIENCE
Friends on TV? SITCOM
Hit man who can’t afford his own weapon? HIREDGUN
I try weapon out: there’s no going back from this ONEWAYTRIP
Intimidate Daisy? COW
Left in agony, went into decline LANGUISHED
Like an omelette? For starters, extremely good Greek yoghurt EGGY
One has no duty to buy this CONTRABAND
One knocking a recording artist RAPPER
Porter’s work that doesn’t follow the rules? ANYTHINGGOES
Rename girl Artful Dodger MALINGERER
Short alert from pager or buzzer BEE
Smack around side of face: buzz off! CLEAROUT
Small photo of race SPRINT
Soap with unpleasant conclusion DYNASTY
Strode around the county DORSET
Tall and skinny, first to go fishing GANGLING
They may go spare in your Chinese meal RIBS
TV station heartless as promoter of beauty products CHANEL
Very gloomy summer, a 5 BLACKADDER
Vocalist embraces wife, one that’s promiscuous SWINGER