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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,774 – March 21 2019

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Clues Answers
Advance payments finally withdrawn from Newcastle area GOFORTH
Area on the backside of egg layer? OZONE
Attacked from the air, farmhouse completely gutted, missiles sent over to claim it STRAFED
Before success, star admitting close to bankrupt HITHERTO
Capital growth faced by a postpubescent Superman TASHKENT
Casual unpacking of last of clothes from case in vehicle CAVALIER
Clever bit: wife’s seen through it SHREWD
Decoration stocked by department in Selfridges TINSEL
Desert rat free, according to the Spanish generals, initially taken aback GERBIL
Form studied in this equestrian sport good, in play TOPOLOGY
Group studying hotel in Nottinghamshire town WORK
Halfwits find bit of test oddly lacking IDIOTS
Hip bandaged, he was given sword wound __ it’s worth taking the risk WHODARES
Killer dog biting equerry’s rear with energy CYANIDE
Observing instrument, romantic composer embracing one with first of concerti MICROSCOPE
Old shoemaker in business with change in drawer CORDWAINER
Plane that’s inclined to get hit, given minimum of protection RAMP
River is close to oak tree TAMARISK
Second cuppa, well hot! STEAMY
See 14 WINS
See 24 down SHOP
Selection of homemade wines showing a sparkling quality on the surface? DEWINESS
Shade reserved by man, while still dark PREDAWN
Stuff written about Edward’s crown in the king’s name? GEORGE
Transport service on track, tours are derailed EUROSTAR
Turner entertained by escort’s prattle BLATHERING
Underwear a nipper rejected TANGA
Vicious destruction of red rose for extra table? SIDEORDERS