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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,796 – April 15 2019

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Clues Answers
A missile may be basic; it’ll go off BALLISTIC
A Nazi group interrupts sexually ambivalent singers BASSI
Alcohol in pack, partly empty SCRUMPY
Boy left in empty gallery with delight GLADLY
Boy not force-fed fish EDGAR
Bravo, smashing the basis for one threatening your job? ROBOT
Browsing the web, taken in by visionary poet SONNETEER
Buck up everyone in staff DOLLAR
Cautiously progressing petition about the end of hunting TIPTOEING
Club gets tennis champion further EVERTON
Danger: people shot in court MENACE
Depending on results, group of countries to be reduced by one state EMPIRICAL
Dowdy female having only half the sex? FRUMPY
Eventually find oneself in satire that’s not succeeded ENDUP
Fat: apparently good to be inside a covering LIPID
For sale (not united): can and mug TOBYJUG
Hammer this, or use axes to chop and polish XYLOPHONE
Means arranged one day for comeback DENOTES
Most stylish relative I joke about JAUNTIEST
Muscle holds back mafia killer ABOMB
On board ship are people with non-PC views SEXISTS
Run rule over American big beast WALRUS
Securing boat, ready for Chinese peninsula YUCATAN
Serious about married brothers GRIMM
Shape being mature, zip coming undone TRAPEZIUM
Silly argument over half a small pigeon SQUAB
Stew spooned up without demur UNOPPOSED
Students keep a little storage in the cloud NIMBUS
Stupid Spectator has lies for news, primarily WITLESS
Well woman visits teacher, missing a university GUSHER
Withdraw permission to pick up taxi after golf GOBACK
Without note, go with the others to make speech to Filipinos TAGALOG