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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,803 – April 23 2019

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Clues Answers
Aim to keep fine at Oxford and settled ENSCONCED
Blow on golf course? They’ll get through at least four holes CUFFLINKS
Brian the slapstick actor’s spoken of in spasms RICKS
Cease offending, dismissing outsiders __ relax a bit! EASEOFF
Cup in church given to the daughter of an Oxford dean CHALICE
Delayed, like performance by some skaters ONICE
Doll to necessitate change of bed linen? TEARSHEET
Endless coffee? I have to enter that roadside refreshment stop DRIVEIN
English beast rolling around in sheets LAMINAE
Escape into valley and take coat off DESCALE
Events set tried to get organised __ reason for ulterior motive? VESTEDINTEREST
He scripted nice revised report of spoken words INDIRECTSPEECH
In Anglican church smeller misses nothing that may smell there INCENSE
Lie it’s right to avoid when leader comes out RECLINE
Mammal fashioned in tin and copper once CANID
Most splendid scientific institution with financial resources RICHEST
Newspaperman about to participate in challenge DACRE
Normal wagers or bets using previous winnings PARLAYS
One keeping records about theologian, one who interferes FIDDLER
Provider of account ultimately, one going wild penning some yarn? TRAVELLER
Rice needs juicy cooking — no good avoiding that, mum admitted BASMATI
Row following criminal activity IDENTITYPARADE
See deranged commander doubling up __ what can relieve one’s pain? COCODAMOL
Slave’s hope is to get cruel handler smitten DISENTHRALMENT
Smooth stone found at end of spectacular river RHONE
Solemn one crying half-heartedly SOBER
Thought left to wither, bringing refreshment REFECTION
US city fashion, collecting regular payment TRENTON