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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,805 – April 25 2019

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Clues Answers
A lot of odour in dead, decomposing rose ASCENDED
A specific prohibition for Oedipus? THEBAN
Accounts by modern-style English lawmaker ISAACNEWTON
An urban space nurtures university intelligence ACUITY
Break into rising contented sound during hanky-panky IRRUPT
Cases of horse vaccine seemingly for chemist HEVESY
Experimental Greek building structure is broken by old Asian ARCHIMEDES
Form are without the greatest teaching aids REALIA
Inventive chap not one team rejected EDISON
Material to conceal outmoded hairstyle on top DAMASK
Maybe king seeks romance, giving orders MANDATES
Measure of speed in walk, not run MACH
Mechanics expert, one kept inside limits LAGRANGE
Nobel winner to spoil dog that is repeatedly around MARIECURIE
Pokes head in gallery with unclad figures about NUDGES
Pork pie of sizable dimensions for radical pioneer from Germany LIEBIG
Scams to get rich I can see working CHICANERIES
Scientific pioneer drinks behind empty trough THALES
Scientists’ device gets them more irritated OHMMETER
Shelter occupied by masculine, daring explorer HUMBOLDT
Slovenly maid to struggle with disapproval ADIMVIEW
Soldiers deal with American going for a whizz in the garden MENDEL
Some power revolting leader’s half lost WATT
Stargazer’s excited peek left and right KEPLER
What’s left from burning mineral on land ASHORE
Woman I am inclined to listen to EILEEN