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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,808 – April 29 2019

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Clues Answers
A collection of facts and figures not entirely inspiring chap to be resolute ADAMANT
Bird scoffing odd bits of this cream LOTION
Blowing trousers apart, fine currents of warm wind CHINOOKS
Curved path soldier left, snake around it PARABOLA
Distinguished performer carrying you once, an enduring ride STAYER
Draw suspicion TRACE
Fancy chaps gripping pot sideways? TURNOFFS
Fine to pocket, say, the amount left LEGACY
Fish course driving headache in the morning? SCHOOLRUN
Football club after credit by the sound of it — no team players! LONE
Humbling, as big end shatters DEBASING
In list, over fifty parts adequate TOLERABLE
Islander protesting at endless filth? ANTIGUAN
Line to gather unravels quite slowly LARGHETTO
Not bubbling, American gas FLATUS
Nothing further to say, it is what it is? THATSTHAT
Old key for lift EXALT
Old man in need mostly, give up DESPAIR
Pageboy has container of stuff picked up BUTTONS
Point went with short screws NORTHWEST
Pool side BANK
Preserve style for old photo TINTYPE
Shortly book place serving cakes? ECCLES
Somewhere in Germany, solid wood splits COLOGNE
Sorry we had to bury gag WRETCHED
Sound barrier on the Ark? That shouldn’t prove insulting NOOFFENCE
Uncaring leader in short, Labour PM should pay attention to a Conservative one STONY
Wicked woman caught using traps WITCH