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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,809 – Apr 30 2019

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Clues Answers
A tender baritone finally accompanying Brummie hymn ABIDEWITHME
A touching feature of Dynasty (Net version) TANGENT
Away with this illicit cruiser! STOW
Blair’s reported prosperity BOOM
Broken arm having mended, do some knitting? CASTOFF
Coalition: the French disease LEAGUE
Confusion when two females replace centre of gutter in parapet BAFFLEMENT
Cut line by knot’s end FILET
Description of certain pod members rendered in dialect IDENTICAL
Fine-tuned athletes, packed with energy, taken out at night? FALSETEETH
Finger twisted inside hollowed-out Kenyan rainforest plant KINGFERN
Flash unfashionable attire __ reduced! FLARE
Gay choir formed around end of April, a powerful group OLIGARCHY
Get too enthusiastic and hit the drink GOOVERBOARD
Makeover: about to get sexually desirable REFIT
Molten material’s reduced periodical state MAGMA
Narrow part said to be in line STRAIT
Northern area supports, of course, sports team TEESSIDE
Notes broadcast far from land? HIGH
Passage from Burns’ Go With Style GANGWAY
Prominent features of ‘dandy champers’ BUCKTEETH
Protect offspring of hound by taking son inside BABYSIT
Qualified, reportedly, to identify island’s salt ABLESEAMAN
Revolutionary scientific facility __ Pascal be damned! SPACELAB
See 21 SEAS
Singular approach of primate-catcher? SOFTLY
Unknown number longing to include time out on the water? YACHTING
US city gets a new church __ with nothing to go up the wall ANCHORAGE
Vehicle advanced on iron vessel CARAFE
Was of greater importance, so able to walk better through water, they say OUTWEIGHED