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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,811 – May 2 2019

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Clues Answers
Agree let for building and move to a worse place RELEGATE
Bones of soldiers? Cause of pain? TARSI
Breaking point? Carries on returning growth LASTSTRAW
Brilliance of healthcare provider in recession without drugs SHEEN
Came to continent, when missing fine country COSTARICA
Did cook in oven: raw on the outside ROASTED
Drug and endless drink — one litre knocked back entering pub INSULIN
Entertainer embarrassed on film REDCOAT
Fans sent to cup round matches TONES
Forgets about beauty OVERLOOKS
Get better shots with this model? Great plastic surgery TARGETPRACTICE
Getting into period drama on TV (repeat) RERUN
He scored for City by cutting inside PROKOFIEV
Hello! celebrity that might have shoot in bed? MORNINGGLORY
Is one hot in sun? Conditions not hot SWEATER
Lighter Wise partly obscured by old Morecambe’s feature? WISPIER
Norm to steal plant PARSNIP
Old lover in? See TV set that’s wide EXTENSIVE
Pasta cook visiting Italy to adopt cooking RIGATONI
Place for swingers? Taking the car key in the middle, getting kinky gran DRIVINGRANGE
Sailor in a state right to cross river MARINER
Scales on this being electronic, (approximately) 0kg returned to screen GECKO
So, bitter struggles with Conservative dealing with Labour OBSTETRIC
Sound from plucking pheasant, ultimately hung up to eat TWANG
Tom Cruise: point out films MOTIONPICTURES
Top McDonald’s? One does egg URGER
TV detective to search old house for clue, essentially COLUMBO
Wash up around noon RINSE