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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,813 – May 5 2019

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Clues Answers
A month, helpers said, appearing as a very long time DECADES
Almost nobody died? Yes, twelve NOONDAY
American chose to cook eastern dish MACARONICHEESE
Bird often seen on building site CRANE
Criterion for replacing dirty cask YARDSTICK
Due to be in old part of mansion OWING
Funny group, Karl and The Monks MARXBROTHERS
Good sitting posture for part of course BACKSTRAIGHT
How kangaroo may be caught unawares? ONTHEHOP
Kingsley & Son put together wrongly AMISS
Lucky to be not so much asleep? BLESSED
Material for carving kinky teaspoons SOAPSTONE
Money being short, settled down with a sweet CASSATA
One eating fish given charge for cutlery? SPOONBILL
One with claws caught her slip, perhaps CATCHER
Party-giver shortly meets reflective girl, glory be! HOSANNA
Pastoral events demanding reform PEASANTSREVOLT
Proper mess in front field REALM
Rugby game doesn’t start at these odds EVENS
Sanctioned, having peddled drugs round province PUNISHED
Share out much broadcasting ALLOT
Slackening corps’ objective REMISSION
Sort of acid, could I be? Wrong AMINO
St Wenceslas’s feast day? STEPHEN
Supersede corded cloth with fine fabric REPLACE
Transport: repeat run when ordered ENRAPTURE
Unsympathetic, like a rhino? HARDNOSED
Wardrobe likely to conceal daggers OBELI