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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,814 – May 6 2019

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Clues Answers
8 recalling resin, liquid in plant PASCAL
8’s expression without opening round brackets FERMAT
8’s short cut in talk GALOIS
8’s signal up top EUCLID
Actions, one’s taken away? SUIT
Add to our central figure in female HEIGHTEN
Complete deviation SHEER
Describing this puzzle, one across in person? MATHEMATICIAN
Ending in fields in order to graze easily NOSWEAT
Fight southpaw primarily in further test RESIST
Further 108? NEWTON
Group hurried up, catching second 8 DESCARTES
Hair-raiser German dramatist hasn’t started CHILLER
Having kicked me out, rest home desperate for rest OTHERS
Heading for touring car (no need for cab) __ that’s poetic TRIOLET
Lesser figure ends in juvenile court, having broken law STATUETTE
Look to inspire something positive as developer PIONEER
Nothing in powder, no thanks __ here’s a medical replacement LOCUM
Perhaps unable to give bird sanctuary praise, farm shut up BRANCHLESS
Popular old horse getting beat again? REDRUM
Problem faced boarding middle, getting on back of bus COLD
See 15 CASE
See 25 SORE
Show trick that’s great GIGANTIC
Something funny in setting of gelatin TAGLINE
Stars appearing as debris in centre of negative GLITTERATI
The mark of a business armed with neat moves TRADENAME
Where tax should have been paid, ring royal family TOLLHOUSE
White drink bottles behind brown, ultimately ALBUMEN