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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,816 – May 8 2019

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Clues Answers
… and for performance, ultimately a male chemical REAGENT
Always a sudoku, possibly, for social harmony? NEVERACROSSWORD
Any person yet to see whisky promoted? WHOEVER
Bird dived across the pond DOVE
Boss had embraced sweetheart, given honest choice (not half) HEADHONCHO
Captured by spies from the east saying you are made of gold AURIC
Change sides with Dr Who to become a ranch hand COWHERD
Charge university student implicated in search COULOMB
Dicky learned that in the West End theatreland
Funny man’s rice pudding __ second helping arrived, bowl first eaten ERICMORECAMBE
Gas worried a very young person NEONATE
Gives no warning to road users and couldn’t care less DOESNTGIVEAHOOT
Grow up dear! That’s not even cheese! GOUDA
Heavy bones are not just visible with clothing removed ONEROUS
Importance of parasites coming back, in a manner of speaking DISTINCTION
Intends to have different names in the same answer MEANS
No pain or gain as ale is drunk ANALGESIA
One loses faith when a male part’s not right … APOSTATE
One type of power about to switch ISOLATOR
Part of hospital in coma TRANCHE
See 13 STORE
Six and half a dozen being the same not producing eggs VIVIPARITY
Some great awful shop MEGA
Ulster starts to expect witty imp­rovisation in Irish comedian ERNIEWISE
Where Oxonian may dream and breathe? INSPIRE