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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,817 – May 9 2019

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Clues Answers
Amazed to play Viola, line’s forgotten in Cliff’s place BOWLEDOVER
Bull where Jack’s found round rushes PACKOFLIES
Chuck Norris finally punching Leo, for one CAST
Clingy type left Mike, taken by current favourite LIMPET
Cool sort of record Henry and Tom cover HEPCAT
For Dirk, pedant’s out of line STICKER
Grant’s a court favourite, according to hearsay CEDE
Guy in spin EDDY
Guy in spin? That’s correct PROPER
Harry Potter taking drug a high point for Rowan TREETOP
He should be in Nick’s wild revel, one engaging cook EVILDOER
Hit works about Jacob’s relative with right vocabulary in these THESAURI
Mary drops a name introducing artist and player MARADONA
Morgan, say, and Paddy dress down CARPET
Nancy’s really with Carol, making a coiffure TRESSING
Norman’s bird providing fake news CANARD
One in dire straits could be Horace SATIRIST
One travelling late, a shade before Amber picked up yours truly REDEYE
Oscar regularly pulls in money for luxury OPULENCE
Ruth’s mine and yours, at first PITY
Sally’s in class, penning Latin PLEASANTRY
Sibyl follows bag painter LANDSEER
Terry’s very good fortune? Not half FABRIC
The main youth supporting Frank in free time OPENSEASON
Tommy’s revealing little PRIVATE
Track plugged by Kelvin that is more unsettling SPOOKIER
Two lots of Mary Jane’s brewing equipment TEAPOT