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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,819 – May 12 2019

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Clues Answers
Artist holds up gold casket for the band ORCHESTRA
Beliefs about current in river LOIRE
Book Ian’s sheep for treatment EPHESIANS
Charlie’s discourteous and rough CRUDE
Deer takes one for a ride DOES
Donkey attendants in deer molestation HARASSMENT
Emphasise cropped hair TRESS
Finest English drink TOPE
Fruit makes mild alcoholic drink, but with no head CLEMENTINE
Illuminated note in volume LITRE
Joy about English victory and promotion ELEVATION
Loyal? Huns act badly! STAUNCH
Musician takes time over odd disciple TRUMPETER
New look with Japanese sash? That’s capital! NAIROBI
Object endlessly to the French style ENTITLE
Pastor gets usher to beg PLEAD
Penny has beer and pasty PALE
Pit of despair DEPRESSION
Pottery expert drinks port DELFT
Prepare sentence for when the audience is best PRIMETIME
Purgative stops meals being digested EPSOMSALTS
Push off about now in Arctic vehicle SNOWCAT
Rascal learning to appeal IMPLORE
Remains calm REST
Rigour of head supporting old enterprise EXACTNESS
Risked getting daughter murdered DICED
Score runs in a series ARRANGE
Setter’s old-fashioned? That’s an insurmountable difficulty! IMPASSE
Small border plant SEDGE
Surprise people over time in therapy TREATMENT
Uncovering deceit? Not difficult! DETECTION
Vet fell over burrow EXAMINE