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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,821 – May 14 2019

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Clues Answers
Baseball player’s gear suitable for athletes SHORTSTOP
Complaint of US soldier largely ignored FUSS
Conservative party’s desire? CRAVE
Dependent nations worried liberal outsiders in places SATELLITES
During the Raj, Sir Henry stops prejudice rising SAHIB
Fragrance in Paris that breaks spell BOUQUET
French actor the worse for wear, we’re told TATI
Heretic in occasional outbursts striking a priest’s bottom ICONOCLAST
In fun, publish unbound novel with ingratiating words PLAUSIBLY
It’s barely legal abroad JUSTABOUT
Lay out pound in old coins SPEND
Like an athlete now running with sudden passion (2,3,4,2,3,6) INTHE
Like the compulsive buyer heading off in a rage? HOPPINGMAD
Lively pal and I keeping punter busy before match PRENUPTIAL
Love changes female organs OVARIES
Over the moon in darkness? DELIGHTED
Passage from paper is read back SINUS
Regret returning down under, sole region sharing its bread EUROZONE
Society’s branch register LODGE
Spooner’s pressman commiss¬≠ions famous cricketer JACKHOBBS
Spread out, following teacher precipitately HEADLONG
Squashed parrot’s foot on perch TROD
Stop a squad playing ABANDON
Suppress government’s initial report BANG
Tempting food I introduced to club BAIT
Timber trade DEAL
Tiny ledge for climber to view, lacking breadth TOEHOLD
Unusually mature Derby poet, 37 or so BODYTEMPERATURE
Very next note dropped by me in bank EXTREMELY