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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,823 – May 16 2019

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Clues Answers
Bar beginning to rock, joint almost back in mood TOBLERONE
Bar supporting bridge venture? FORBID
Bar where XXXX’s brewed Dutch settler drinks BOOZER
Barry, it could be said, appears difficult STICKY
Buttocks finally scratched by short Middle Eastern woman famous for modelling TUSSAUD
Drifter on bar, overly sensitive type SNOWFLAKE
Elastic band found in small bar SCRUNCHIE
Flipping dull, echoing gong TAMTAM
Foot I test out, trapping two balls? TOOTSIE
Game of cards seldom breaking banks OMBRE
Hat figure put on head, turned around BONNET
Head off alien, green head off! AVERT
In bar, risk bottles BETWIXT
In shelter, female with long fingernail given a wide berth LEFTALONE
Jolly casual punches in bar GALAXY
Money returned by the way, covered by bill for meat BEEFSTEAK
More than one bound to get drink in bar MARGINS
Name a character in the centre of big Gulf state DUBAI
Old annalist understood everyone here TACITUS
Old player, female in the field grabbed by supporter MAEWEST
Private sector’s heart broken by waste CLOSET
Queen Mary, say, getting bottom scrubbed, so cold SHIVERY
Russian dish baked without filling, virtually inedible at first BLINI
Something to solve on double-decker REBUS
Staff party in a new part of Greece MACEDONIA
State of Brazil’s sheepish comment about greeting BAHIA
Supporter left in street, befuddled TRESTLE
Tentative insight as to why crack is filled with two gases THEORY
Travelling, some fork taken in country, heading for town ITINERANT
Trouble looking worse ultimately, certainly with retinue EYESTRAIN
Useless exercise by pioneer oddly forgotten INEPT
Wine bar frequented by sweet Fanny Adams SOAVE