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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,826 – May 20 2019

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Clues Answers
A short song about aged Greek ACHAEAN
Able to move quickly for a take-off in an emergency SCRAMBLE
Being obsequious would put Mrs May off SMARMY
Bit of paper stuck on yellow garment worn by some women CHADOR
Bother in big house having a plant with narcotic properties MANDRAGORA
Building block of wood, what’s backed with board in port ASHLAR
Commercial to air in busy shopping season ADVENT
Crowd is idle, wandering round, to be got going MOBILISED
Disappoint others giving first instruction to unload the truck? LETTHESIDEDOWN
Feature of Trump and PM putting the Queen off THATCH
Fellow curtly abandoning diocese and ecclesiastical groups CHAPTERS
Figures in trouble at sea, reportedly Germanic folk RECTANGLES
Lacking special apparel, knight is thrown out, not admired UNADORED
Last thing you want in head and on collar? DANDRUFF
Like school pupil sounding unrelaxed TAUT
Old Testament book’s terribly crude and emotional DEUTERONOMICAL
One caught entering square reprimanded, treated as trash? INCINERATED
One of two Nobel physicists said to swank BRAG
Person who is horrible, just a bit, about nothing TOAD
Renders Happy Birthday, say, with nicely introduced bumps SWELLINGS
Small room, not half brilliant for accommodating superior writer CUBICLE
Sunday cruciverbalist, maybe, who has cutting edge? SWORDMAN
Symphony offering racy stuff (not Beethoven’s Fourth) EROICA
Takes apart splinter group in contemptuous talk DISSECTS
Towel I’d discarded, when lots of bits are dry LOWTIDE
Untidy employees making a contribution to Warwickshire’s coat of arms RAGGEDSTAFF
What could play music in particular key, hard stuff ALTHORN
Worry when study is neglected in research establishment CERN