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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,827 – May 21 2019

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Clues Answers
Animal’s smell masking another one REEBOK
Bill undertaking possibly hazardous trip ADVENTURE
Clear about boxer’s energy REALISE
Current head of zoology inspired by minor genius WIZARD
Employed around head office, not contracted out INHOUSE
Flying through divided country with no leader AVIATION
Go to fix theatre broadcast REPAIR
Group on American cape beyond river showing diligence INDUSTRIOUSNESS
Handy warning to drivers arriving at Calais? ADROIT
Handyman sailor taking wheel on autumn winds JACKOFALLTRADES
He complains bitterly about film supplier RETAILER
He has no faith in candidates promoting Democrat INFIDEL
I’m above getting upset missing a film BMOVIE
Irish author’s sister inhaling smoke STOKER
Juniors on board watching figures RATINGS
Learned man tripped over wife FELLOW
Number alto rehashed using standard harmony TONAL
One who smooths way into image-enhancement PLANER
Pair of kings hosting Brussels pomp GRANDEUR
Party member that infuriated the Queen HATTER
Perfectly constructed contract, according to auditor PUKKA
Peruse file obstructing stock problem BROWSE
Poor conductor, not a learner devouring music mag NONMETAL
Probe digger fording a river MARINER
Raise tax in European shelter ELEVATE
Short celebration includes revolutionary dance music ELECTRO
Supervised position of lumberjack? OVERSAW
What the French stole, drilling vessel WHALEBOAT