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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,828 – May 22 2019

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Clues Answers
Aid for flier getting good deal on gold hat AUTOPILOT
Bill getting the water for Nancy’s group still on stage TABLEAU
Continue gambling? That’s about right for Norman’s neighbour BRETON
Dog handler with more in secure pens WHIPPERIN
Don’t stay on the road __ it’s a bore TURNOFF
Drier and somewhat boring experience that’s tedious DISHRAG
European assents, one giving a spirited response? OUIJA
For fellow, this address might be used PROF
Foremost of intellects in class? GENIUS
Grass coloured bags with no tears DRYEYED
Gripped and picked up like a gift RAPT
He has criminal still to uncover behind facial injury MOONSHINER
Hero taught to perform with stage manager GARETHSOUTHGATE
Hindu ascetic American’s greeting with grunt YOGI
Islander with a sore bum getting into heavy metal FAROESE
Let go of key emergency facility FIREESCAPE
Lines I don’t know in performance venue ODEUM
Luxury biography of female artist THELIFE
Not very bright setter does his best Russian DIMITRY
Note mocking the cost of the partnership? DOWRY
Rank claimed by guard __ it effectively rises FETID
Record-breaking hotel which is at the seaside SHINGLE
Regime with a skint, corrupt parliament ATKINSDIET
Rock and roll fan after work briefly proved alluring TEMPTED
Short-changed minor name in finance ROTHSCHILD
Spades do some digging, moving easily SPRY
Sportsman catching one more out there BATTIER
Vote to imprison one, then check for innocence NAIVETY
Young reporter and undatable eccentric rang TINTINNABULATED