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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,829 – May 23 2019

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Clues Answers
… 6, first in costume DISTRESS
10 in something to buy in 19 bar AXLE
Annoyance caused by French bread PAIN
Backing role, embracing male __ one of slender means TRAMP
Bear eating gutted veggie in non-veggie establishment CARVERY
Being furtive, make off with your old … STEALTHY
Broth, say, over? Over POTAGE
Cry of delight from vulgar sort YAHOO
Drink producer’s sheep receiving a degree TEABAG
Energy endlessly recycled would be so GREEN
Expert has a profundity that’s bottomless ADEPT
Fourth letter in Oscar Peterson’s made-up language ESPERANTO
Fruit of foul temper skewered? On the contrary TANGERINE
Keyboard instrument __ no piano __ raised in sport TENNIS
More despondent, dropping drug in haze BLUR
Peculiar shapes securing fastener produce contentment HAPPINESS
Performed deed in college, initially providing instruction DIDACTIC
Philosopher of language chewing over fish with booze IRISMURDOCH
Popular novelist embraces headdress-maker MILLINER
Pub where brown cleric gets round in TAVERN
Revealed orgy of dope and sex EXPOSED
Seek information with which to identify malefactor’s food item FISHFINGER
Setter’s after Scottish thinker’s abscess IMPOSTHUME
Sheds uninherited characteristic? MEME
Sickliness results in dim boy getting no points in resit MORBIDITY
Speak at length about a short swim around and leave to decay DILAPIDATE
Squeal ‘Woo!’ in type of 20 GRASSCOURT
Stink horribly, trashing universal values HUMANRIGHTS
Totally heartless diatribes from dictators TYRANTS
Without wasting words, show sympathy, capturing child’s heart PITHILY