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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,831 – May 26 2019

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Clues Answers
Admit new church is bound by regulations CONCEDE
Ancestral building __ a royal house LANCASTER
Arouse and race the French KINDLE
Battle for a drink on playing area AGINCOURT
Bird slow to to imitate EMULATE
Character with inclination for one toiletry containing iodine ITALIC
Duck doctor in spring ORIGIN
Enjoyed song about monarch LIKED
Film director developed erotic club BERTOLUCCI
Fit in with artist’s wild fantasy CHIMERA
Hide drug among the soapsuds LEATHER
Instant credit TICK
Little or no time to follow screening SCANT
Manage venture for widow DOWAGER
Mate’s attempt to be sorry PALTRY
Medication sorted out Gail’s acne ANALGESIC
Opening quietly paper of a kind that gives the betting STARTINGPRICE
Permissible but to some extent duplicitous LICIT
Persist in support for architectural feature PILASTER
Rabble-rousing lacks its initial impression EDITION
Ran over judge? Tell us the story! NARRATE
Regret drinking port with royal head of state RULER
Rose’s inelegant disposition EGLANTINE
Scoundrel acquires a popular firm making clothing RAINCOAT
Socrates’s killer shows a hesitation to bolt HEMLOCK
Soldiers to pursue struggle for survival RATRACE
Talk about item of clothing CHAT
Teachers’ recipe? It promises to be wholesome! NUTRITIOUS
Warn parish priest getting into a lift APPRISE