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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,832 – May 27 2019

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Clues Answers
Beginning new push to the summit NASCENT
Boozers pick up rubbish, according to Spooner BEERHALLS
Cannabis and ecstasy in prison HEMP
Clouds of particles and gas obscure bus lane NEBULAS
Clumsy wit upset discontented killjoy GAWKY
Cook modest Arab dishes DREAMBOATS
Donald, president of America, wearing turtleneck inside out TUSK
Engineer crying out for agreement CONGRUITY
Fellow convent dweller is involved in tattoos and riddles CONUNDRUMS
Five ducks plunged into water and perished DIED
For instance, millions in profits for energy suppliers GAS
Hate a Danish physicist after change of heart ABHOR
Italian food, craft gin and endless chocs GNOCCHI
Jockey let a horse give up LOSEHEART
Let learner driver move gradually LEASE
Local tinned potatoes in Delhi? SALOON
Looking for more nuts, first off AFTER
Make broader jam-makers retreat WIDEN
Mediocre housing officers finally get engaged MESH
Most Greek wine is revolting and evil SINISTER
Perhaps doctor’s responsibility is to examine piles? CASELOAD
Philosopher regularly ignoring Mary Beard AYER
Priestly dictator’s loftier loft HIERATIC
See 18 MAINS
Shy guards gather briefly, having a row SCULLING
Small and extremely radioactive speck of dust REMOTE
Small sailor pursuing large hunk SLAB
Some jovial intellectuals beam LINTEL
Tackle coverage of unknown weather features YFRONTS
Tail of famous clownfish SPRAT
Time to leave African capital, working in harmony UNISON
Unguardedly messages one back, opening spontaneously EXTEMPORE
Wayward emu regularly hiding object DEMUR