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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,833 – May 28 2019

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Clues Answers
A British flyer at sea AUK
A celebration after morning engaged in this country dance GAMBADO
Aboard ferry on vacation I’d become restless FIDGETY
Begin to sparkle, as smoker might? LIGHTUP
Case of student in East dogging revered Christian leader STAUGUSTINE
Child expert’s son has scar SPOCK
Company member initially gives hope of settlements Compromises
Copper knocking back a very soft drink CUPPA
Cuts back gradually, limiting publicity for shows PARADES
Esteemed sappers scanned in shed RESPECTED
First of bells echoes buzzer BEE
Fluid that stops part of intestine becoming drier BATHTOWEL
Funny line forgotten in gag STRANGE
Haulier and partner sort bananas TRANSPORTER
In favour of US president sacking Democrat FOR
Job with gunners over when the fighting’s ended POSTWAR
Liberal taken in by Polish subterfuge BLUFF
Nancy’s a fool, grasping double hook to straighten UNTWIST
News media first raised matter Nutmeg’s aiming to cover up SUPPRESSIVE
No more leg on display at Wimbledon? TOPSPIN
Old American beans preserved thus? INCAN
Pay them off, knowing how they feel EMPATHY
Ravenous pests, many seen outside clubs regularly LOCUSTS
Royal spouse, criminal type CONSORT
Scavenging insect disturbed deer and shortly bolted DORBEETLE
See youngster back in charge of the country BUCOLIC
Shortfall bound to restrict Conservative leader, if mounting DEFICIT
Sound in the Orkneys? It’s pervaded by beat, loud and deep SCAPAFLOW
Spotted exploitative manager turning key PIMPLED
Suitable place for child’s drink LAP
Way hosts give pasta? LASAGNE
Women’s absolute authority WARRANT