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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,834 – May 29 2019

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Clues Answers
19 reflecting the tools of his trade SNIP
Acrimony from Van Gogh, famil­iarly taking on authority VIRULENCE
Addiction to gear HABIT
Always after second part SEVER
Battle over tirade that is the first to shatter bonds WARRANTIES
Belt and cuff CLOBBER
Boatman changes heading: he knows how to tack TAILOR
Boatman to join a navy SEAMAN
Boatman’s craft __ they follow a pattern CUTTERS
Central Birmingham, in short a city initially chap finds a pain BONEACHE
Dealer’s left distributing the LSD and ecstasy ELDESTHAND
Energy absorbed by tenants goes back in REENTERS
Exclusively fashioned from nylon, but unfinished ONLY
Faith, by itself, aims for only half its members to be seen ISLAM
He hears bard spinning yarn supplied by him HABERDASHER
He sold material, part of scripts, writing in and changing each LINENDRAPER
Little time to cry about source of light for picture FLASHBULB
Notably Picasso: Pablo’s heart is in fashion CUBIST
Orchestra’s leader getting in tune at start of new film THEOMEN
Other people set Tory leader on edge THEM
Postings on internet article about Republican promotion THREAD
Reserve falling away finally, natural to be in stitches CACHINNATE
Scorpion’s tail in sorry mess, caught in mug of sweet goo CORNSYRUP
Sewer rat messes about on top of sludge SEAMSTRESS
Suggest getting close INTIMATE
Told to carry actual train in vessel for last journey BURIALURN
Tuck and run DART
Upset with neglect of the sick BORED
What 19s can achieve, if put back in wardrobe CLOSEFIT
You might score one after international trial TESTRUN