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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,969 – Nov 3 2019

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Clues Answers
26 down, say, holding Joe up in Havana? CIGAR
3 for Roman healer SALVE
Angry outburst from one stuck in traffic TIRADE
Attentive dealer taking part ALERT
Beginners from Oxford University set off in boat OUTRIGGER
Cast is so grand for directors ROADSIGNS
Central bank supporting false medicine man SHAMAN
Clutch component, say, coming closer EGG
Conservative party member demanding vessel HARDLINER
Corpulent guide, terribly weary FATIGUED
Determination to complete the crossword again? RESOLVE
Ewe turns out to be supplier of milk WETNURSE
Fiddle with French car that’s dropping back FRAUD
Fit, we hear, for a drop of the hard stuff? HAIL
Golf match involving more of us FOURSOME
Gung-ho gunners encircle country in Africa RARINGTOGO
King of Mercia primarily laying waste OFFAL
Land makes outlaw happy and he’s reformed BANGLADESH
Legal documents, reportedly, for Swiss hotelier RITZ
Mad freebooter relinquishing power IRATE
Mate in Sydney holding large hammer CLOBBER
Missionary position in middle of Wales APOSTLE
My word is annoying you at first ISAY
Old queen with no love for a new one ANNE
One hug, possibly as good as a feast? ENOUGH
Party for 13 across BASH
Pick up article in valley GLEAN
Rotten place requiring short journey PUTRID
Stray has accommodation in which there’s no time to relax DIGRESS
Sweat embarrassingly in a tuxedo? EXUDATION
Titanic female at sea, as gent is GIANTESS
Travelling people after a bouquet AROMA
Where one goes from bank to bank to get a bit of dosh FORD