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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 28,113 – Apr 21 2020 – Puzzle Answers

Published in The Guardian Cryptic Crossword.

Clues Answers
Advance screening of power survey PREVIEW
Agree with the man entering the Church CHIME
As an old hand, reverse-called on a semiconductor device GNARLED
Bill’s idiotic definition of steam? NOTICE
Cannabis with change of direct­ion makes crystal, perhaps GLASS
Clothes? Good to get attention GEAR
Conclude corporations must be on the rise STOP
Diver’s back-to-front converted stable area SMEW
Drink is evil? Not very when taken with old American marijuana ICETEA
Fear inlet is engulfing city ALARM
Guard Nick gets a new top WATCH
Hint: coarse, initially sexist, joke is finely drawn out THINSPUN
Holy Communion finally secure PIN
Indifference of company led by international organisation UNCONCERN
It makes a brief appearance when one snaps APERTURE
It’s made to hold a medical patient, say CASE
Mash somehow gets stuck in opera singer’s tongue KASHMIRI
Medium body measurement not good fun MIRTH
Members backing means of corporal punishment STRAP
Net’s used to contain short temper SWEETEN
Ones who admit having joint possession OWNERSHIP
Perform in between activities ENACT
Perhaps chrome is made primar­ily into very fine material MICROMESH
Pine from lightweight transport with end removed MOPE
Puma in north America number about a million after a time CATAMOUNT
Regarding union input involved with gangster NUPTIAL
Satellite’s lowest orbit — one’s immersed in chlorite mixture ROCHELIMIT
See 4 HAND
State of old PM, being without police officer’s protection ISRAEL
Swinger’s nude antics, getting covered in fruit PENDULUM
Timing mechanism spacemen utilised when trapped by alien ESCAPEMENT
Used to connect supporter with worker SECOND
Western baddie circle WHEEL