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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 28,120 – Apr 29 2020 – Puzzle Answers

Published in The Guardian Cryptic Crossword.

Clues Answers
Acerbic novel Conrad’s written about Italy SARDONIC
Barely a trickle of prose, a little limited in variation DROPLETS
Boatman has absurd identity: lost and lifeless ABIOTIC
Bold and loud, not able to listen? FEARLESS
Book by Sartre in translation ARREST
Book for music: TS Eliot losing special composition about brother LIBRETTO
Books into endless misery at Fawlty Towers? HOTEL
Documentaries about losing minors’ letters in train EDUCATE
Feminist bishop found in Latin bible, perhaps LIBBER
Follow spoken narrative TALE
Foundations of life on radio __ ‘diverting, robustly educational, informative’ __ that’s him LORDREITH
Grumble: lacking money, say UTTER
In this way, prose would be got up, daringly exposed TOPLESS
Index in book makes desperate editor cry DIRECTORY
Love is an entry for a sound relationship ADORE
Margin of book, its left edge on top BORDER
Outgoing type of regular mermaid girl, eh? EMIGRE
Perhaps annual staff meeting for partners in Reading BOOKCLUB
Petronas and Exxon initially put fish back to get source of oil PEANUT
Shelf with foremost of reference books LEDGER
Shelves for books RESERVES
Slim volume put back in centre section of bureau REMOTE
So long introduction to text, before contents of book, led oddly to Dickens character TOODLEPIP
Spooner says cad’s loud music is why he can’t start his book WRITERS
They make good theatre __ broadcast with reprise, even REPAIRERS
Unexpected twist in US version of Pound: king taking knight KICKER
Was book’s content order intended to be restrictive? ASBO