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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 28,126 – May 6 2020 – Puzzle Answers

Published in The Guardian Cryptic Crossword.

Clues Answers
Stern Bill’ __ the bloke’s a real pain BACKACHE
Bar providing energy (sustained energy), almost other-worldly ESTAMINET
Battle of Palermo: they lost THERMOPYLAE
Being short of one million on card game IMPATIENCE
Breathes with different rhythm ultimately __ indication of temperature ISOTHERM
Consider, say, sailors’ spells of leave ashore to be overfamiliar TAKE
Distillation of Attica’s list of facts STATISTICAL
Equivalent of work pressure, love OPPO
European city church centre ESSENCE
Falseness breaks your spirit __ right to be ousted by society SPURIOSITY
Find Pluto cold no more DISCOVER
Go off seat that’s lost its top ADDLE
Indicator of who’ll get in league after mad exploit EXITPOLL
Initially one shilling to enter Elizabeth I’s haunt? OBSESS
Laver, maybe, put dread into top player SEAWEED
Like a very small bit of mosaic, but cast SUBATOMIC
Protected by a climber, one was in contention IVIED
Seafood dish of the month followed by canned soup OCTOPUS
Seaman’s sources of unusually strong bones TARSUS
See 4 TALK
Shed is hosting family game SPILLIKINS
Small beers, gas and pitch SALES
Sort of paretic aid related to minor medical care PAEDIATRIC
Sound cycle: ‘Hawk’ PEDDLE
Southern Native American rock formation SCREE
Standard element of McLaren’s ignition ENSIGN
Treated like an old convict from East China, end badly ENCHAINED
Twisted, breezy wife supplants one AWRY
Volatile market brought about end of the neighbourhood watch member MEERKAT