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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 28,127 – May 7 2020 – Puzzle Answers

Published in The Guardian Cryptic Crossword.

Clues Answers
Declared in France: ‘Friend means warmth’ AMIABILITY
Developing late, helping to change ALTERATION
Doctor swallowed tablet first, then consumed umpire MEDIATE
Emmy award winning actor eats small fruit DAMSON
Enclosing eye, say, the most prying and most vocal NOISIEST
Entered record horse with energy in old racing LOGGED
Failure to sleep in, as I’m no slacker INSOMNIA
Float worker managed to pick up a paper, Sun and Mail, initially RAFTSMAN
Greatest, but I’m lost without leaders UTMOST
Harrowing duel stopping rivalry extremely suddenly RUDELY
Idle l-lout LOAF
In London, stop Heath’s scandal? MOORGATE
In public, footballer Brooking is recalled right away OVERT
Liberates a secret kiss? It’s frisky EXTRICATES
Mid-air rescue incredibly keeps top of neck exposed INSECURE
New painting captures Queen __ that’s concerning PERTAINING
Not able to hear fade-out? DEAF
Not acting still? RESTING
Orpheus and Eurydice, perhaps, left out divisions of play OVERS
Refrain from redundancy process LAYOFF
Returning musical includes Dutch princess as extra ADDITIVE
Slippery Harry Kane wears sporty clothing SNEAKY
Spinning basket for bear POOH
Suggest being part of strike, so people rise up POSE
Supporting actors, the French king moves CASTLES
The address of men in Spain housing international elders SENIORS
This comes to 18 on a course that’s dry TEETOTAL
Unicycle’s ultimate speed involves support over beam ERADIATE