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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 28,210 – Aug 12 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in The Guardian Cryptic Crossword.

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Clues Answers
Backward-looking philosophy to suit minister being nasty RESTITUTIONISM
Bit about your setter being like a pussycat? TAMED
Child of immigrant couple that is beginning to settle in after upheaval? NISEI
Complete home: perhaps dab on the outside FINISH
Engineers left account of progress made? REPORT
Failed to be ready for new phase of agriculture? PLOUGHED
Fantastic support arose for what Brexiters will now deny us EUROPASSPORT
International organisation in illustration of old city PUNIC
Killer of insects __ one by mech­anical process getting any number ROTENONE
Leave house and topple over HOPIT
Like that woman Jane who went out with Paul? ASHER
Little woman’s surprisingly stoical __ that blood pressure’s at the lower end DIASTOLIC
Maybe Thor’s not given enough bangs for his bucks? SHORTCHANGED
Note a Guardian columnist, one boiling up inside? TEAKETTLE
Nothing was gripping in news­paper notice OBIT
Possibly the bed’s a place of healing BETHESDA
Rate no sin bad, being a heretic NESTORIAN
Report of Conservative party leader no longer thriving BLOOMING
Rex and Brian in a gambling centre RENO
Ringers with excellent musical technique DOUBLESTOPPING
Smart singer STING
Something needed for 1 down recently taken in post office? PHOTO
Street poet outside old university getting money from Bulgaria BOULEVARD
Suffer with a bitter feeling, not one that will afflict you for ever INCURABLE
Tramp? Patch up one with affected piety MENDICANT
Unjustifiably claimed an idiot’s wrong __ answers finally will get stuck in SOIDISANT
Went astray, shortly going round town in County Clare ENNIS
What Scot does in street __ refuses to budge HOLDSFIRM