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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 28,216 – Aug 19 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in The Guardian Cryptic Crossword.

Clues Answers
As naval fighter, put on a shade of blue AQUAMARINE
As soon as clocked in at work­place, given a hearing ONSIGHT
Barista’s warning police still? MUGSHOT
Be tenured, potentially offering security DEBENTURE
Be wildly excited putting pineapple to mouth GOBANANAS
Bombs huge town all round: that makes things sticky VISCOSITY
Cleverly hide man and servant HANDMAIDEN
Comic character who lacked a head for speaking MRBEAN
Commonly, money (apart from euro) is thin THREADY
Country’s pro-Labour slogan? CONGO
Endless ring makes a measure of sound BEL
Fail to keep up in time? Wretched! DESOLATE
Fan of one of Europe’s currencies almost pocketed each ZEALOT
Fear wife’s stuck in casualty AWE
In a cell, what carries information regularly from Miranda MRNA
Land one, punching Hilary BENIN
Milne’s one was doubly good TIGER
Our crossword is a type one gets into GENIUS
Penny in old money chucked back by such a fool APRIL
Popular edition getting everything topsy-turvy INVERSION
Quick look as soon as finished ONCEOVER
Rotter’s love, great mistake TOERAG
Show off injuries from high-speed transport SPORTSCARS
Solicit a few pounds for Audrey’s husband TOUCHSTONE
Tendentious bid may be put forward after no end of hesitation DOUBLED
The French please with a mixture of tulips and violas SILVOUSPLAIT
Vikings used this pine club with a hole in it LONGBOAT
Visionary site laid out IDEALIST
What Midas was given, extremely sensibly hidden, so long ago DONKEYSYEARS
With speech, makes pots URNS