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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 28,221 – Aug 25 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in The Guardian Cryptic Crossword.

Clues Answers
Attic in which old lady hides gems from the east GRECIAN
Car is to pull in and be damaged in spin PUBLICRELATIONS
Diabolical figure in prison no longer? OLDNICK
Edible substance to take shape, a preserve GELATIN
Film has an entertaining story ALIEN
Flog drug, weak joint HORSEWHIP
Great rap moves involving boy, soon an outcast PERSONANONGRATA
Hollow areas in the Appalachian Trail ANTRA
I’m much tickled by swimmer having relaxed posture LOLLING
Icon in the building in a precarious position ONTHINICE
Impose fee on Roman Catholic, when straying ENFORCE
Like some wine drunk by crook helping holy work CON
Linguistically proficient learner’s avoided repeat ITERATE
Married wearing collar one’s found on a sofa ARMREST
Naked paramour and judge did stuff OVERATE
On which people pot trees, we hear BAIZE
One of the top three celebs touring lake next to the sea MEDALLIST
Pale like one prone to brooding ASHEN
Return once more in dance, pirouetting etc REELECT
See 13 RAT
See 13 ION
See 13 SEC
Set out to host dear foreign people who make an impression ETCHERS
Sing with Italian sopranos covering heavy metal CONFESS
Standard French author’s nonsense devoured by the famous STARSANDSTRIPES
They pick up article by current media workers ANTIDEPRESSANTS
Ties last of livestock on board KINSHIP
Ultimately golf, not cricket, is a source of entertainment FUNFAIR
Uttered like a monk with a soft spot for Kelly INTONED
Walk all over right back of large dimensions TRAMPLE
With an increase in wages, this man’s going to cause chaos RAISEHELL
You can’t trust a naughty child’s hints IMPLIES