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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 28,401 – Mar 24 2021 Crossword Answers

Published in The Guardian Cryptic Crossword.

Clues Answers
Agree Jacquie’s certainly guarding this ACQUIESCE
Attempt by shy little bird GOSLING
Broadcaster crosses barrier, becoming a drinker? SWALLOWER
Canned ham with top removed HIGH
Care worker’s flat support? HOMEHELP
D-Day beach sergeant’s first news SWORD
Drawn to the old kind of patterned cloth TIEDYE
Feel rule needs changing about new carbon molecule Fullerene
First bit of stomach fits into opening? Let out pants GASP
Fools around with large snowdrifts CLOWNS
International holding of billionaire LION
Joker and king involved with piquet (spades) QUIPSTER
Note about US city ONER
One who can bridle at Americans somewhat TAMER
One’s taken by the dancing, not love HATE
Passion Tree, associated with ecstasy FIRE
Pedestrian jazz performer left out and replaced by King WALKER
Possibly an official enquiry from them, as a way to break awkward situations STEWARDS
Promotional gift of loose cheese? Right out of it FREEBIE
Publicise footwear aid for a diver? AIRPUMP
Result of a failure to score: cocaine added to a kilo (kg), roughly GOALKICK
Round of cards __ fast one TRICK
Secret device used with indignation? WIRE
Sort of a tree, one seen in refectory? EATER
Spice up routine crime, perhaps TURMERIC
This allowed pub customers to get stuff off their chest SPITTOON
Travelled, heading away from Welsh area WENT
Victoria wasn’t a married American journalist AMUSED
Wader has to keel over after sun STILT
Wheeler’s modest loveless description of low-level celebrity? CYCLIST