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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 28,402 – Mar 25 2021 Crossword Answers

Published in The Guardian Cryptic Crossword.

Clues Answers
Aberrant, erratic emphasis placed on noun MISSHAPEN
Ball game void without pitch GLOBE
Base time indicated MEANT
Bidding hard to relieve pressure in shipping abroad EXHORTING
Bird seed with smoother coating SANDPIPER
British artist sculpted duke with alarming hat DAMELAURAKNIGHT
Brooded quietly at home, cutting grass REPINED
Concert venue first to exclude northern orchestra HALLE
Depart suspiciously with Nutmeg’s media player TAPEDRIVE
Diocesan council, say, ignoring a show of consent SYNOD
Distinct details about superpower INFOCUS
Et tu Brute? How wrong I was! FAMOUSLASTWORDS
Gets into line, prepared for a roasting DRESSED
Home Office branch last to refurbish fully INDEPTH
Husband picked up reference book lacking top cover HATLESS
Instrument could indicate hail, given another tap CELLO
Lengths first spanned by balls DISTANCES
Lines adopted by party harden DRYUP
Little-used ruling leading to beneficial qualification INGOODCONDITION
Maudlin knight hampered by desire to follow mum MAWKISH
Old fogey rejected dessert and paid SQUAREDUP
Piece of metal used for part of joint TALUS
Science feature on ancient medicine filling empty pages PARTICLEPHYSICS
Seemingly removes autograph from drawings DESIGNS
Tenor tackling new work gets support in studio MONOPOD
Updated drainage system, reversing initial direction NEWER
Was single potty adequate receptacle for drinker? WINEGLASS
Wealthy leader’s funny dog caught traitor PLUTOCRAT