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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 28,406 – Mar 30 2021 Crossword Answers

Published in The Guardian Cryptic Crossword.

Clues Answers
As fine white powder may be initially snorted, lifting spirits? SELF
Capital of Louisiana in answer, one gathered? This isn’t! NEWORLEANS
Country one visits while I head northwards TUNISIA
Covering area, look for New York running back for New York team YANKEES
Decorate article that’s boring too OVERLAY
Do well in filing of a report GOFAR
Drink on top of wardrobe featured in feast REDWINE
Dummy put on crate, briefly PLACEBO
Heavy metal band’s flamboyant front man MERCURY
Hollowed out, nothing inside old red fruit MANGO
Impact, by the sound of it, reversed in experimental psychology SPLAT
Juggling not right, as entertain­ment frightening children GHOSTTRAIN
Need one in charge when head is sacked ENTAIL
Party hearing about delivery groups likely to provoke argument CONTROVERSIAL
Paul’s online flimflam CONGAME
Pirate almost stealing gold coin FLORIN
Polish child almost flipped over puzzle setter RUBIK
Pop star back in country garden ROCKERY
Portion including a carrot BAIT
Prep done by hybrid tool inspiring an early settler? SPADEWORK
Progenitor concealing eye colour MAGENTA
Show a dye liberally applied to lid in essence — here? EYESHADOW
Spectacles in time slipped into Bill Gates’s trousers? PAGEANTS
The moment has arrived where winger tackles relative after greeting THISISIT
Ultimately verboten to wear Speedos, say, for members of the clergy CARDINALS
Underperforming? A poet NERUDA
Visitor to bank, perhaps, left in indignation ANGLER
Work on set is requiring effort after evidence of blow DENTISTRY