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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 28,407 – Mar 31 2021 Crossword Answers

Published in The Guardian Cryptic Crossword.

Clues Answers
Ascribed source of many rhymes before long ANON
Boy with fishing gear, eg lines set on Westminster Bridge SONNET
Cut that 3, when split and reassembled SEVER
Dedicated lyric to listeners that’s outstanding ODE
Elegy, say, cleared up DIRGE
French composition from Byron __ delightful RONDEL
Frost’s old-fashioned poem RIME
Fruit put on heap __ one concerned next clue but one LIMERICK
Genuine article installed by company that signals danger FIREALARM
Harsh about replacing author’s final piece AUSTERE
Humorous bio priest cut and cut CLERIHEW
Indulge, oddly, poetaster’s ending __ his work’s limited IDLER
Is inclined to delete nothing from pieces of poetry CANTS
Is the speaker on type of TV friendly? AMICABLE
It’s found among 3, with fixed syllabic structure, similar to this HAIKU
Lots of islands having female dotty characters? FIJI
Nameless constable demolished barrier OBSTACLE
Nasty European immersed in ten gallons, perhaps HATEFUL
Old man disturbed in tree ALMOND
One upset about verse is completing stanzas ENVOIS
Patriarch named in a chapter in part of OT JACOB
Poetic structures in novel serve in support of text VERSEFORMS
Quartet’s initial scheme for 2, perhaps ABBA
Radio station’s broadcast about reading __ and writing? TRANSISTOR
Reveals our country’s introducing new degrees UNMASKS
Rhyming slang, say, is included by US author, male LONDONISM
Source of first introduction that rhymes? ADAM
Starts off every poem in collection in style of Homer EPIC
Thomas, poet and Nobel Prize winner DYLAN
Untrained old volunteers retreating in conflict ATWAR
Washed over front of crowd gathered together BATCHED
Wildly romanced, clutching English or Italian love stories DECAMERON
Writing that could make me propose __ a contradiction in terms? PROSEPOEM