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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 28,409 – Apr 2 2021 Crossword Answers

Published in The Guardian Cryptic Crossword.

Clues Answers
1 + 500 + 10 + 50 etc translated into personal speech IDIOLECT
508 (roughly) reject play on words? Relax! LIGHTENUP
A fraction enter the inn drunk, then run away NINETEENTH
A shoe size bigger than 9C, say, on conference goer ATTENDEE
Adult delivery men carry ones defections APOSTASIES
Art seldom ruined by him? OLDMASTER
Author kept spinning plate DAHL
Because I’m travelling skywards, the speed of light is enormous COSMIC
Call inquiringly? RING
Chairs in cars SEDANS
Dessert from South Africa prepared in a globe ZABAGLIONE
Excellent! McCartney’s being broadcast STELLAR
Excited at nearing country ARGENTINA
Fellow leads firm sailor on board COSTARS
Historical role player’s career not flourishing REENACTOR
Hit sung loudly after dropping out BELTED
Huge shock! Nostromo alien — can none get lost? ASTRONOMICAL
Learner breaks sports equipment like this? CLUE
One’s avarice has no end, yes? AGREE
Regular beans with poor diet wants a vitamin! Tempted? ENTICED
Relative size has girl worried LARGISH
Room key SPACE
Shape of diamond strangely alter­ed to save money, including copper EMERALDCUT
Some expert activity, right, like hang-gliding? EXTREMESPORT
Start to roll a board game’s ten-sided die — set? RADIO
Took drugs, thought to blow money USED
Traveller to welcome Terry inside COMET
Trick by one stealing gold crown CORONA
Vague sense to gather up American lubricant NEBULOUS
Wonderful cat, just not ordinary HEAVENLY